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Australia Martial Arts Sports - Pre Order Items Expected In Stock End July 2024


Why You Should Try a Cardio Kickboxing Workout Today

Wanting to improve your cardiovascular health is easy.

Knowing how to do it is a Google search away.

But taking the steps to actually make it happen? That’s where things start to fall apart.

It’s not your fault! The problem with getting into better shape is that, after time, it starts to get boring. You can start your workout with the best of intentions, but 20 minutes of treadmilling later, you’re invariably reminded of the fact that this machine was invented as a medieval torture device (true story).

That’s why the single most important factor when choosing a workout isn’t How many calories will I burn in an hour?or How quickly will I see results? No, it’s What am I going to be able to stick with long-term?

Good news! If you want a fun, fast-paced workout that’s different every time, comes with motivation, and can burn upwards 450 calories per hour, we have the answer, and the answer is cardio kickboxing.


What It Is

Cardio kickboxing, sometimes called non-contact kickboxing or simply kickboxing (although if you want the non-contact kind, you should probably clarify this point before showing up to class), is usually offered as a group fitness class. Invigorating music pumps over the speaker system as you follow along with an instructor. He or she will lead you through a series of moves designed to get your heartrate up while working your arms, legs, and core.


What You’ll Need

Although it is possible to do kickboxing without any equipment, it’s much more common for the classes to use heavy hanging or freestanding bags. Using bags makes the workout more effective and much more fun!

Classes will provide the bags – you’ll just need a good pair of gloves, hand wraps (optional, but a good idea!), and comfortable fitness clothes. Bringing water to your class is also a good idea!


What a Class Looks Like

First, everyone will arrive and go to a bag. There will be a short warm-up period, where the instructor will run through dynamic warmups. Next, it’s time to turn on the tunes and begin the kickboxing!

The instructor will lead you through a series of strikes. You will punch, elbow, knee, and kick the bag, all while staying on your toes and moving to the beat of the music or at your own pace. Don’t worry about experience – the instructor will run through all the moves beforehand and show you exactly what to do.

During the class, you’ll probably work through between 5 and 10 different combinations of strikes (depending on how long each combo is). In between striking combos, your instructor may work in plyometric exercises like crunches, burpees, jump rope, or push-ups. As you work, your instructor will cheer you on, and may encourage you to give shout-outs to other participants as well.

The last part of the kickboxing portion will be a burnout. In only one or two minutes, you will move as quickly as possible to throw as many punches or kicks as you can. Then it’s time for cooldown and stretching!



If you love the idea of cardio kickboxing but don’t have a gym nearby that offers the classes, consider making your own “class on one!” There are many great, free videos online that show kickboxing routines. You’ll just need to invest in a heavy bag and some gloves, and you’re good to go!