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Australia Martial Arts Sports - Pre Order Items Expected In Stock End July 2024
Australia Martial Arts Sports - Pre Order Items Expected In Stock End July 2024

About AMA Sports and Century

AMA Sports is dedicated to supplying Australian Martial schools with martial art products from the worlds largest martial art supplier CENTURY.

We believe CENTURY have the best wide range of products for martial art schools and Australian school owners should have the ability to be provided with their products. 

Century's products are world class and are of the highest quality products in the industry.  Century provide products for all martial art styles, alone with products for beginner students all the way through to professional and life time martial art practitioners.  Century have also partner with some of the world best and most renowned martial artists to provide products to our industry that are only available from Century.

AMA Sports is Australia's premiere supplier of CENTURY products.  We believe in CENTURY products and chose to exclusively stock CENTURY products which are all directly supplied by Century Martial Arts USA and are all authentic Century Products.  We are by no means an Australian representative for CENTURY USA



Founded by a martial artist, CENTURY started in a one car garage in Oklahoma City. Today we are a company of martial artists with 250 team members, many of whom participate in daily on-site classes that include karate, tae kwon do, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kung fu san soo, jeet kune do, Cage Fitness, and even yoga. We use the products that we make and sell. We strive every day to live the core values that martial arts teaches including humility, respect, courage, and doing the right thing.

One of the reasons why Century is so passionate about what we do is that many of our employees are themselves martial artists. Our founder, Mike Dillard, won two Karate National Championships during his time as a competitor. Some Century employees own or instruct at martial arts schools, or spend their after-work hours and weekends competing and training.

In 2005, Century took its employee involvement with martial arts a step further and converted two rooms in the company headquarters into training studios. Employees in the Century Martial Arts Club can take martial arts classes during lunch or after work, and, with certified instructors, actually advance and gain belt ranks.

This is especially significant to us, as Century makes most of the belts we sell on-site, in our Oklahoma City headquarters. Because we train, we understand what it means to earn a belt. We put the same pride and commitment into making them as you do wearing them.