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Australia Martial Arts Sports - Pre Order Items Expected In Stock End July 2024
Australia Martial Arts Sports - Pre Order Items Expected In Stock End July 2024

Why Customise

EASY & COST-EFFECTIVE MARKETING – Every single piece of custom apparel acts as a mobile billboard, carrying your school message wherever your students go.

ADDITIONAL INCOME SOURCE – You will be pleasantly surprised by the additional income you can generate just from retail customs sales. This additional income can offer the opportunity to reinvest in new equipment, provide scholarships for underprivileged students, or numerous other ways that will help your school reach more people and spread the word of martial arts!

COMMUNITY BUILDING – Customized gear and equipment helps strengthen your school’s sense of community. Branding your gear helps bring students closer together, and your new students will be eager to purchase a shirt to become an official part of your martial arts family.

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD – When you customize your equipment and apparel, you set yourself apart from the competition. There is no better way to demonstrate that you are a well-established and properly structured school than proudly displaying your school logo consistently across your apparel and equipment. It shows professionalism and always acts as a great conversation starter.


Customs is NOT just for big schools! We make our minimums as low as possible to ensure schools of all sizes can take advantage of our customs program. We also allow you to mix and match items, making it easier than ever to reach our minimums.


I don’t see the specific item I want customized in the customs book anywhere; can I still get it customized?
In almost all cases, yes! Most Century products can be customized. Learn more by contacting a Customs Account Specialist at 800-626-2787.

How long does it take to get my items customized?
Turnaround times typically average from 3 to 10 days; however, times depend on both the service being performed and the quantity needed. You can be assured that we will get your order out as fast as we can.

I don’t have the 2018 customs book. How can I get one?
You can request a book by clicking here (must be logged in to view or request catalog) or by calling a Customs Account Specialist at 800-626-2787.

How do I order custom products?
If you are new to customs, you should start by contacting a Customs Account Specialist at 0413 047 276. For embroidery, sublimation, and engraving, you can get started by filling out the appropriate custom form located here. Once completed, fax your request to 0413 047 276 and a Customs Account Specialist will reach out to you upon receipt to confirm your order and finalize any remaining details.